We speak English, Spanish, Arabic, and Urdu as well as offer in-house translation and notarization services.

Family Law





Many divorces proceed without the benefit of an objective third party that investigates...


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Domestic Violence/Restraining Order


Protection against domestic violence is an area which transgresses all boundaries of race...


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Child Custody


We believe in fighting for the best interests of your child. Custody litigation can be a...


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Child Support


Child support can be a complex and sensitive subject, especially if the two parties...


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A party seeking relocation to at least 50 miles outside of the state of Florida with...


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We here at Alia Adhal P.A. understand that life can change fast. Modification is the...


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Grandparent Rights


Grandparents are the families strongest support system and best caregivers, aside from...


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Immigration Law




Attaining an United States visa can be a long and difficult process. Each step filled with...


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Family Petitions


We understand how important family is, which is why we want to help you and your family...


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Naturalization is the process in which a non U.S. citizen becomes a U.S. citizen. There...


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Deportation & Removal Proceedings


The most common reason one might face deportation is staying within the U.S. past their...


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One can apply for asylum if they are already in the United States while fleeing...


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Diversity Immigrant


More information coming soon...


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  • Testimonial Background

    I went through a nasty divorce that Alia helped me through. She was not just my attorney, but my friend. She was the one person that fought for me to start living again, she gave me the courage to fight. For her services, I will forever be grateful.


    Dara Strickland

  • Testimonial Background

    She is the best on grandparent's rights. Don't believe any other attorney when they say, "Grandparents have no rights". Talk to her before you give up.


    Freida Cioeta

  • Testimonial Background

    Would highly recommend Ms. Adhal to anyone that needs her services. She is such a wonderful person and makes you feel at ease during the whole process. I cannot say enough about her. Would and will definitely use her again.


    Anita Horst Nuckolls

  • Testimonial Background

    Most communicative Attorney that you could have. She will defend your good cause and travel if needs too. She is not afraid to fight and defend you. Her values, morals, respect as clients and individuals it amazes me every day. Thanks Alia for everything you do for our many communities.


    Carmen Yacaman

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The firm of ALIA ADHAL, P.A. is a client-based firm dedicated to going on this journey with the goal of a peaceful new beginning for you. Our mission is to provide you with timely closure and reduce unnecessary litigation costs and stress.


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